Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mushroom #3 WIP, and Watching Where I Step

Over Labor Day weekend we worked around the house cleaning up the property. Roy cut down small trees and other plants in behind the house.  We have some large trees behind the house that needs to be cut down as well, so they won't end up falling on our house. We will have to hire a tree service to do that.

Today I finally got to work 3hrs in the studio. I worked one hr on a special experimental project and two hrs on my mushroom. I managed to get the head of the mushroom finished. I might be able to finish the drawing up tomorrow if there is no distraction.

Also I spent some time in the woods taking photos of mushrooms. Mushrooms are popping up everywhere and I have to watch my step or I'll end up stepping on one that could have been a great photo reference. There seems to be different types of mushrooms now, than what was in the spring. Some are brown or a rusty red color on top and rusty yellow underneath. It really gives the feel of fall. I feel like I'm becoming more comfortable with my camera and I'm getting more creative with each photo session. I have taken around 400 photos of mushrooms since spring.

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