Commissioned Art

Commissions Are Currently "Closed"

 Occasionally I offer openings for commissioned art. Below is a list of prices and sizes Things you need to know first about me and my art. Check through my site and be aware of my style. I do light fantasy and fine art. Please understand, I can't do something that is not my style. Payment will be in full before I start. Sorry there are no refunds on commission work, because I'm just trying to cover cost of materials and my time. E-mail inquiry at (commissions are closed) prices and sizes for Commission Art.

ACEO (2.5"x3.5") = $35.00
5"x7" = $100.00
8"x10" = $150.00
9"x12" = $200.00
11"x14" = $250.00
12"x16" = $350.00
16"x20" = $500.00
20"x24" = $1,500.00
22"x28" = $3,000.00

I reserve the right to turn down any commission work that is unreasonable and I'm not comfortable doing.

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